B2B Marketing in the Pandemic: Everything We've Learned so Far

52 MIN

The world is changing fast, and B2B marketing is no exception. If there's ever been a time for agility and adaptability, it's now. So, how can we do it? How can our marketing teams continue to demonstrate their worth with closed corporate offices, canceled trade events and one-on-one sales interactions relegated to the virtual realm? Scott, Cliff and Josh discuss what they've been exploring and documenting in their three recent blog posts on the subject.

To learn more, read Scott's blog post, "Coronavirus Event Cancellations: How to Maximize Trade Show Investments."

To learn more, read Cliff's blog post, "5 Ways to Retrofit Your B2B Product Demos for the Age of Social Distancing."

To learn more, read Josh's blog post, "How B2B Marketers Can Help Industrial Sales Adapt to Remote Selling."


Cliff Lewis

Cliff Lewis

Executive Creative Director

As an executive creative director at Godfrey, Cliff shapes our creative concepting process and helps guide concepts for branding, industry events and global B2B campaigns.

Josh Albert

Joshua Albert

Vice President, Business Development

Josh leads business development at Godfrey, combining strong leadership and business sense to help us form client relationships where we can do our very best work.

Scott Trobaugh

Scott Trobaugh

Vice President, Executive Creative Director

As a vice president and executive creative director at Godfrey, Scott leads teams in creative problem solving with the goal of tethering outlandish ideas to workable business realities.